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Well folks, I started this here site quite a while ago! It had a brief stint on Moonfruit but was deleted because I couldn't afford it after the "free trial".. Now it has grown into the amateur bit of nonsense you see before you [Hurrah!]. People have told me it's great, people have told me it could be a lot better.. It is what it is - take it or leave it.

But let's back up a bit, shall we? One day while I was watching The Wedge, I glimpsed a Dears video [This Is A Broadcast]. I must confess I didn't really pay too much attention to the song.. That was mainly due to the fact that a Pulp video was next up so I was kinda distracted! Sook-Yin seemed impressed though and finally after seeing the Heartless Romantic video I got my arse in gear and wandered down to Rotate This. As soon as I started listening to the End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story album [sitting at the back of a streetcar] I knew this was something worth paying attention to.

After continual play a la discman, I logged onto the official site [Grenadine Recs, at the time]. I made up my mind to email The Dears and Murray was nice enough to reply! Then I began my attempts at "designing" a Dears site. Heartless Romantic seemed the only plausible title and thankfully Murray agreed that would be a good one..

The Dears have been amazingly nice + wonderful to me.. And I don't mean fake nice, I mean genuinely great. Cos they are very nice people. It's rare to find super-talented people who are super-nice as well. So therefore they deserve all the devotion and praise that they get and deservedly they should be recognized more.

I've been fortunate enough to see The Dears live eight times to date! Every live experience tends to out-do the previous one so I feel very lucky to have seen them. The energy of Toronto audiences is usually pretty good [just ignore the pretentious indie kids].

Anyway [bit long-winded!], this fan site is just what it claims to be: a site for the fans, the true fans. And I hope you like it.


Love from Lindsay-Marie   xx